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Birthday Noodles

Main piece: To celebrate one’s birthday in China, one should eat noodles instead of cakes. And one has to finish the noodles in his/her bowl. Explain: Birthday cake is a western custom. Originally in China, people celebrate their birthday by eating noodles. A real bowl of birthday noodles should formed by one single piece of… Continue Reading »


Main piece: 隔夜油炸鬼——冇厘火气 Original piece in Cantonese: 隔夜油炸鬼——冇厘火气 In Chinese: 隔夜油条——没有一点点阳刚气 Translated: A overnight deep-fried dough stick, doesn’t have any hardness left. Explain: Deep-fred dough stick is a popular snack in Guangdong area. It is crunchy and tasty when it’s fresh made. But after a night, it will be soft and cold, not as good… Continue Reading »

Red Bean Porridge recipe

Main piece: A Red Bean Porridge recipe taught by my grandma, acknowledged being especially helpful for reducing symptoms of period. Original Recipe: 红豆一两,黑米一两,薏米一两,红枣数颗,桂圆数颗,花生少许,糖少许 Translated Recipe: Red bean: 50g; Black rice: 50g; pearl barley: 50g; Red dates: a few; Longans: a few; Peanuts: a few; Sugar: a little; Background Information: Almost all of the ingredients in… Continue Reading »