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Chinese Red Name

Main Piece: The following is transcribed from a conversation between the informant and the interviewer. Informant: So, I grew up in Thailand but my family’s actually from Shanghai, China. There are lots of Chinese people living in Thailand, but even with Thai people there are plenty of cultures that we share. For example, we both… Continue Reading »

Cantonese Wedding Comb Tradition

My mother said that when she was about to get married, she learned of a tradition that takes place before the day of the wedding.  Her older sister combed her hair the night before, and said the following lines: 一梳梳到老 (yi shu, shu dao lao) 二梳白髮齊眉 (er shu, bai fa jing wei) 三梳兒孫滿地 (san shu,… Continue Reading »