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“Last Run”

Context: The following informant (S) is a 20 year old bike/ski enthusiast. He explains the avoidance of the words “last run” while skiing and the bad luck it can bring to the end of the day. The conversation took place when I asked the informant of any superstitions he held. The informant told me he… Continue Reading »

“Yardsale!” – A Skier’s Term

Context:  I visited the informant’s dorm room at USC at about three o’clock, having already asked him if he was willing to participate in the collection project. He was willing, so we sat down to chat in his bedroom, alone. We began chatting, and I recorded two pieces from him. We sat in silence for a moment… Continue Reading »

Ullr Skiing Medal

Title: Ullr Skiing Medal Category: Magic Charm Informant: Judith Keller Nationality: American, caucasian Age: Lower 70s Occupation: Hospital Research Receptionist— Homemaker, Nurse, etc. Residence: Fort Worth, Texas Date of Collection: 4/09/18 Description: An Ullr medal is a tiny figure of an Scandinavian God known as Ullr that protects skiers from harm. The medal is worn… Continue Reading »