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The Prep-work Behind The Elderflower Festival

Interviewer: So how did it get started in your home town? Informant: My parents started off just making a couple of gallons with a couple of friends, I’m not sure exactly who they picked it up from. And I think they may have done that in the house before the Bury. Or right around that… Continue Reading »

Armenian Vardavar Festival

Վարդավառ Transliteration: Vardavar Translation: Flaming Rose Description: Annual festival that Armenians celebrate on July 8th. Name literally means to sprinkle with water and the flaming of the rose. The legend comes from goddess of love named Astghik who spread love across Armenia by sprinkling rose water across the land. The god Vaghan is the person… Continue Reading »

Dolores Hill Bomb – Bay Area skating “festival”

The following is a transcript of a conversation between me, M, and my friend, T. M: What is the Dolores Hill Bomb? T: I guess it’s more for like bay area skaters, but Dolores Hill Bomb is this event we go to. So like every summer, I don’t remember what day, in San Francisco, a… Continue Reading »

Don’t buy shoes on Qingming Festival

Main piece: Translated conversation: Me: I want a new pair of board shoes. Father: Sure, we can go shopping after the Qingming festival. Me: You mean after tomorrow? Why not tomorrow? Father: You don’t buy shoes(鞋xie) on Qingming because it brought bad luck (邪xie). Me:It sounds like a terrible joke. Father: I mean it. Background… Continue Reading »