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Japanese New Year Feast

Piece Every year, the informant cooks a Japanese New Year Feast for their family. It is an all-day affair where hundreds of guests, friends and family, can come and go to eat lunch and/or dinner and socialize with those present. The informant makes the following traditional dishes: Ozoni (rice cake in vegetable soup) is the… Continue Reading »

Get on the plane with your right foot: travel superstition

Context: AW sits with her daughter preparing for the second night of her Passover Seder, the room is bustling with activity as people get food prepared for AW’s many relatives. AW’s Daughter chimes in every so often to ask questions —————————————————————————————————————– Performance: M: You have a very particular travel superstition is that true? AW: Yes,… Continue Reading »

Peruvian New Years Tradition: Run the Suitcase Around the Block

AS is a USC game design major who’s family hails from Peru, she enjoys spreadsheets, Dungeons and Dragons, and spreadsheets about Dungeons and Dragons. AS grew up in Texas after her family moved there from Peru. ——————————————————————————————————————— AS: My family had a lot of traditions for New Years, I’ve heard a lot of people do… Continue Reading »

Fortune Teller

The following story is collected from my friend. She lived in Turkey for the most part of her life. Now she lives in the U.S.A. She talks about a mystical experience she had. This interview is done face-to-face. “A” refers to me, the collector. And “B” refers to the participant. A: “Is there any interesting… Continue Reading »