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Down by the banks

The informant explained that this is a hand game or clapping game she used to play at summer camp in between activities with the other girls who were in her cabin. Her estimate for when people play it is ages 6-12. You learn it by playing and other children explain it to you. She also… Continue Reading »

Miss Mary Mack

Background: My mother, the informant for this piece, tells me that it’s a handclapping game she learned on the playground while growing up in Cloverdale, California during the 1970s. Additionally, she notes that it was one of her favorite games which is why she remembers it so well. Context: This handclapping game is played by… Continue Reading »


Background: Informant is a 22 year old American who has lived in California his whole life. Main Piece: Interviewer: Do you remember any games you played during your childhood? Informant: I remember a hand game I use to play with my sister. It was called Pikachu. Interviewer: How do you play pikachu? Informant: Pikachu is… Continue Reading »

“Black and White” Chinese Children’s Game

[The subject is MW. Her words are bolded, mine are not.] Context: MW is my grandmother, who was born in Shanghai and then lived in Hong Kong later on in her youth. She moved to San Francisco as a young adult and has lived in the Bay Area for the last six decades. She is… Continue Reading »