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Barney Song

Context:  This piece was collected over a casual FaceTime in which we were previously just catching up and talking about our elementary school experiences. We are close friends who met in high school and have known each other for five years. My informant (JS) was born in California and is now attending Carnegie Mellon as… Continue Reading »

Morning Song – Korea

Original Script: 아침해가 떴습니다 자리에서 일어나 이빨 닦고 세수하고 학교에 갑시다   Phonetic (Roman) Script: achimhaega tteossseubnida jalieseo il-eona ippal dakkgo sesuhago haggyoe gabsida   Translation: The morning sun has arisen Get up from bed Brush your teeth, wash your face Let’s go to school   My mom was born in South Korean, but moved to… Continue Reading »