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Kissing the Tanakh if it Falls and the Torah

Main Content: M: Me, I: Informant I: Oh so um I don’t know if this is like a codified thing, but you can’t like… so you have like the Tanakh, which is like the mini like it’s like your prayer Bible um and like so if you if you, if the Tanakh touches the floor… Continue Reading »

Full Moon on the Quad at Stanford

My mom went to graduate school at Stanford. This is her interpretation of the “Full Moon On the Quad” Tradition: Mom:”The original tradition holds that if you are a freshman girl at Stanford, you are not really a Stanford woman until you’ve been kissed by a senior under the full moon on the quad. For… Continue Reading »

Scratch your nose, you’ll kiss a fool

Informant: “Scratch your nose, you’ll kiss a fool”   The informant is a Caucasian male from northern California. He is currently a freshman at USC studying business administration. He is also a member of a fraternity. The informant said he learned this saying from his mother when he was a young boy. The informant explained… Continue Reading »

The Coconut Tree

Contextual data: My informant (my roommate) told me this story late at night when I asked him if he could think of any stories his parents had told him when he was younger. Another of our friends was present, and she was laughing for much of the performance. According to my roommate, his father told… Continue Reading »