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Rocks on Gravestones

Context: The subject is from Israel, and is a freshman at USC. Throughout my time of knowing him he has shared many jokes and proverbs that are specific to his home country. For this reason, I decided to interview him for the database.   Piece: Subject: Something else, which I’m not sure is tied just… Continue Reading »

A Poor Chinese Communist’s Guide to Cooking

Context: I collected this from a high school friend when we were on a camping trip together over Spring Break. Background: My friend is Chinese on his mother’s side, and she grew up in a poorer part of Communist China. The Cooking Method: Because of the lack of proper food that poor Chinese people had to eat, they… Continue Reading »

Baseball Rituals: “When in Doubt, Tap the Hip”

Informant AB is a 23-year-old male who is from the East Bay in Northern California. He is a student at the University of Southern California in his third year as a civil engineer major. Informant AB also plays club baseball at USC: AB: “I play baseball and it is my favorite sport to play. I… Continue Reading »

German Tradition: Schultüte (School Cone)

Interview Extraction: Informant: “I don’t know if you have this in the States, but we get school cones. Do you know what that is? Well, you know how a cone is where you put ice cream inside? And we get massive ones on our first day of school, but filled with gifts.” Interviewer: “And what… Continue Reading »

Manton, California Tradition: The Pig Roast

Interview Extraction: Informant: “So the infamous family get together… so every year at the time of the fourth of July, the Forward family would hold a reunion back up at our cabin that is near Lassen in Manton, California. And that is an area that was homesteaded by our great-great-grandfather, who actually was at West… Continue Reading »