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Happy Llama

Text Happy llama Sad llama Mentally disturbed llama Super llama Drama llama Big fat mama llama Llama llama llama llama Duck Coyote Giraffe Elephant   Background The informant learned this song while attending an elementary school in the orange county area. She said that she and her friends would sing the song to a handshake… Continue Reading »

Baseball Rituals: “When in Doubt, Tap the Hip”

Informant AB is a 23-year-old male who is from the East Bay in Northern California. He is a student at the University of Southern California in his third year as a civil engineer major. Informant AB also plays club baseball at USC: AB: “I play baseball and it is my favorite sport to play. I… Continue Reading »

Feet / “Bad Eyes”

*Note: the informant is Indian-American and identifies with the Hindu religion. She is in touch with her Indian heritage but she was born in the U.S. INFORMANT: “And then Hindus or Indians or whatever also have lots of like body language things, I don’t know how to say it, like, gestures. Like if we touch… Continue Reading »

Hawaiian Greetings

Traditional Hawaiians would greet people by pressing their foreheads together and breathing through their noses. Breathing through your nose is considered the purest way to take a breath. Riley’s grandpa would greet him and his siblings and cousins with this traditional greeting. He would bend down and place his forehead against each of their foreheads… Continue Reading »