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Quarantine Meme: Hand Sanitizer

Main Piece: Background: The informant and group of students in the chat respond and understand this piece because of its relevance. The young students feel a connection to the importance of hand sanitizer and also identify with the apple product AirPods. AirPods were an important new product circulating in 2019 which many students identify with…. Continue Reading »

“Karen” as a folk term

Main Piece Interviewer: What does “Karen” mean? Informant: Karen is an internet slang word to describe a  very entitled, middle-class white woman. Or a boomer white woman. They are often blonde and they often have very short haircuts. They usually like to speak and the managers, and then proceed to yell at the entry-level employees… Continue Reading »

Google Doc meme

Context:  This piece was collected in a casual setting on a FaceTime call. My informant is a USC Freshman and we are Animation Majors together. They grew up in Sacramento, California. They enjoy drawing, riding their scooter, and making memes. The following piece is a meme spin off they made of another popular meme “template”…. Continue Reading »

Corona Lisa Meme

Context: The following is a meme from the informant, my maternal uncle. It was meant as an attempt to be humorous while showing the drastic changes in life due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Background: My uncle, being a surgeon, shared this meme that had been circulated by his fellow medical professionals. Since they work in… Continue Reading »