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“Karen” as a folk term

Main Piece Interviewer: What does “Karen” mean? Informant: Karen is an internet slang word to describe a  very entitled, middle-class white woman. Or a boomer white woman. They are often blonde and they often have very short haircuts. They usually like to speak and the managers, and then proceed to yell at the entry-level employees… Continue Reading »

Google Doc meme

Context:  This piece was collected in a casual setting on a FaceTime call. My informant is a USC Freshman and we are Animation Majors together. They grew up in Sacramento, California. They enjoy drawing, riding their scooter, and making memes. The following piece is a meme spin off they made of another popular meme “template”…. Continue Reading »

Corona Lisa Meme

Context: The following is a meme from the informant, my maternal uncle. It was meant as an attempt to be humorous while showing the drastic changes in life due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Background: My uncle, being a surgeon, shared this meme that had been circulated by his fellow medical professionals. Since they work in… Continue Reading »

Keith Country Day School Student Body Meme

The following is the background of the meme account of Keith School and a description of a meme about the student body of Keith School from a conversation with NC. Attached is the respective meme.   Started in 2016, the seniors of Keith Country Day School created the @keithcountrymemeschool Instagram account. The purpose of the… Continue Reading »