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Ms. Lucy Nursery Rhyme

Context: The informants are brothers A, 19, and B, 15. This transcription was taken from an argument between the brothers over the “correct” words to the nursery rhyme about “Ms. Lucy.” The nursery rhyme is used mostly as a schoolyard game, sometimes accompanied by a hand-game the brothers tell me, but in their argument they… Continue Reading »

Alouette: French Nursery Rhyme

Context CW, with a mug of hot tea sits, on my couch after an afternoon of doing homework and recounts stories from their childhood CW was raised French and attended a French immersion school. The atmosphere is calm, the air is calm and the room is mostly quiet in between stories. ———————————————————————————————————————Background: CW learned Alouette… Continue Reading »

Horsey, Horsey

“I like to take my horse and buggy, as I go traveling through the town, I like to hear ol’ Dobbin’s clip-clop, I like to feel the wheels go ‘round”. “Horsey, Horsey, on your way, we’ve been a’travelin for many a day, so let your tail go swish and your wheels go round, Giddy up!… Continue Reading »

Lilli Lilli Auzak: Farsi nursery rhyme and hand game

Context: The informant is a grandmother of 8 whose parents were originally from Afghanistan but settled in Pakistan. She also lived in Saudi Arabia for many years and has a working knowledge of Farsi, Arabic, and Punjabi along with her native Urdu. The following nursery rhyme is one in Farsi that she and her siblings learned… Continue Reading »