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Context: The informant (T) is a 56 yr. old woman originally from Philadelphia, PA. She owns a shore house in South Jersey where she and her extended family spend the summer. She explains to me the term Shoobie and the negative connotation it holds among the inhabitants of Philadelphia and South Jersey. The conversation took… Continue Reading »

“Wherever you go, there’s always someone Jewish…”

“Wherever you go, there’s always someone Jewish. You’re never alone when you say you’re a Jew. So when you’re not home, and you’re somewhere kind of newish, The odds are, don’t look far – ‘cause they’re Jewish, too.   Amsterdam, Disneyland, Tel Aviv – oh, they’re miles apart, But, when we light the candles on… Continue Reading »

The Quest to Delaware Valley High School

Original Script: “Okay, so when I moved to Milford, Pennsylvania, I didn’t know anyone! Besides mom and Chuck, and we all know just how fun that could be. Anyways, I had been going to DV for a couple of months and had made some really awesome friends. But they told me about this legend at… Continue Reading »