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Japanese New Year Feast

Piece Every year, the informant cooks a Japanese New Year Feast for their family. It is an all-day affair where hundreds of guests, friends and family, can come and go to eat lunch and/or dinner and socialize with those present. The informant makes the following traditional dishes: Ozoni (rice cake in vegetable soup) is the… Continue Reading »

Getting too caught up with yourself can cause confusion – Mexican Proverb

Main Piece: “No te subas al ladrillo que te mareas” Transliteration: Don’t get on the brick because you will get dizzy  Translation: Getting too caught up with yourself can cause confusion Background: Informant Nationality: Mexican Location: Guadalajara, Mexico Language: Spanish Context and Analysis: I asked my informant, a 17-year-old female when she first heard this… Continue Reading »

“Al povero mancano tante cose, all’avaro tutte”

Main piece: Proverb “Al povero mancano tante cose, all’avaro tutte” Translation: “the poor man is lacking many things, the greedy man all” Background Information: Informant is Italian and lived a portion of his life in Milan, Italy. He learned it through spending time with his father, he would tell him this when he asked for money. To… Continue Reading »

“El que no trampa nunca avanza”

“Él que no trampa nunca avanza.” “He who doesn’t cheat never advances.” Context: The informant is an Uber driver in Los Angeles. He speaks Spanish and English fluently. His parents are both from Mexico. “My Uber passenger from Mexico City told me this. He said that a lot of people in Mexico City believe this,… Continue Reading »

Cutting Nails at Night

Context/Background: The informant is Indian-American and has family in India who, alongside her family within the U.S., engage in cultural practices, one of which being the belief in not cutting one’s nails at night. It is deemed back luck, so they refrain from doing it at night time and have to wait till the day time…. Continue Reading »