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Hungry Ghost Festival — Singapore

Interview Extract: informant: “So in Singapore, around August or September, I forget which month but somewhere there, we have this festival sort of, called the Hungry Ghost Festival. And it’s where all our deadancestors come alive again for a day, but we sort of like, celebrate it for a whole week kinda. And what we… Continue Reading »

僵尸 (Jiang Shi)

These are more commonly known as Chinese Zombies. Unlike the western concept of Zombies, these do not go around looking for human flesh. Instead, these are often the minions of magicians or sorcerers that do their bidding. However, like their western counterparts, they have no will of their own. Jiang shi tend not to be… Continue Reading »

Singaporean Joke Acronyms

Acronyms : SBS Singapore Bus Service Side-By-Side SDU Social Development Unit Single, Desperate, Ugly MRT Mass Rapid Transit Mad Rush to Train SAF Singapore Armed Forces Serve And Forget PAP People’s Action Party Pay and Pay PUB Public Utilities Board Pay Until Bankrupt LTA Land Transport Authority Long Tio Ah (Crash)   These were a… Continue Reading »

How Red Hill (Bukit Merah) Got its Name

A long time ago, in the annals of Malayan history, when Singapore was merely a little sleepy fishing village, there was a bloody event that stained the soil of the (present day) Red Hill red with blood. In these early years, fish that had sharp, sword like mouths used to swim up to the shore… Continue Reading »