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Carnival: South America’s Pre-Lent Festival

Main Piece:  The following is transcribed from a conversation between me (LT) and my informant (JZ).  JZ: Carnival happens for a reason, but it’s not for me, really. Honestly, no one knows, or no one cares… But it is religious related. I did look it up once, though… It always happens before Ash Wednesday, which… Continue Reading »

Peruvian New Years Tradition: Run the Suitcase Around the Block

AS is a USC game design major who’s family hails from Peru, she enjoys spreadsheets, Dungeons and Dragons, and spreadsheets about Dungeons and Dragons. AS grew up in Texas after her family moved there from Peru. ——————————————————————————————————————— AS: My family had a lot of traditions for New Years, I’ve heard a lot of people do… Continue Reading »

El Mono

Informant: I spent the first five years of my life in Nicaragua, Guatemala and Venezuela, and we were—you know, fortunate enough to have some of the locals provide my mom with household help. Our housekeeper, she sort of functioned as my babysitter, and in order to keep me in line, she’d tell me about “El Mono.” El Mono,… Continue Reading »