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Av barn og fulle folk får ein høyre sanninga

“Av barn og fulle folk får ein høyre sanninga.” “From children and drunk people we hear the truth.” Context: The informant’s grandmother was a Norwegian immigrant with many peculiar sayings. This was his favorite, as it gave him a rare sense of power as a child. Interpretation: Because sober adults often act in their own… Continue Reading »

The (Rumored) Truth of Movie Popcorn’s Origin

The first informant is a 65-year-old man who grew up in Southside Chicago and Baltimore with his parents and two brothers. He is a father, grandfather, patent attorney, musician, and inventor. The second informant is a 95-year old man who grew up in Davenport, right near downtown with his parents and two brothers. His father… Continue Reading »

Door to Life or Death

Form of Folklore:  Folk Belief (Riddle) Informant Bio:  The informant was born and raised primarily in Glendale, California; he only left the United States for a two year period (from age fourteen to fifteen) to live in London, England.  Most of his knowledge of folklore is from his mother (of Irish decent), his father (of… Continue Reading »