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“It’s Worth Doing Well”

Context & Analysis The subject, my mother, and I were getting coffee for breakfast and I asked her if she could tell me some stories about her childhood. The subject’s father (who has recently passed away) was a history professor in the Midwest. The family moved frequently because of this, which made it difficult for… Continue Reading »

Gaffers vs Grips

The following is a common filmmaking joke: How many grips does it take to fix a light bulb? I don’t know None, let the gaffer do it   The informant explains that gaffers only handle electrical work, while grips handle everything else and its disrespectful to do the gaffer’s work if you are not one… Continue Reading »

Calera Pens Severed Testicles Prank

Tres, a cowboy that has worked on my family’s ancestral ranch for nearly twenty years, illustrated a commonly-occurring prank that occurs during the process of castrating and ear-tagging young cattle (calves) during the summer months.   To provide locational context: The calera pens, where the prank is most likely to take place, is an octagonal… Continue Reading »