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The Cat’s Manor at USC

Folk Piece Informant: “So I live in a house on [REDACTED] street at the North University Park District of Los Angeles, California. Actually, the Governor of California used to live there in the early 1900s. But whoever lived there in the 1940s or ‘50s, um, they, there was a whole third story. Like picture the old victorian… Continue Reading »

The Snowmaiden, Snegurochka

Folklore Piece: “Ok, so, there’s these two parents. Well, wait, not parents. There’s this couple, and they can’t have kids, and they’re, like, pretty old now. So it’s snowing one day, and the husband goes outside, and has an idea to build a snowgirl…? So like a little girl instead of a snowman. They made… Continue Reading »

Three Lightbulbs, Two Rooms, One Answer…

Folk Piece Question: There are two rooms, one room has nothing but three switches. The other room has nothing but three light bulbs. You can only enter each room once. How do you determine which switch corresponds to which light bulb? Also: the walls aren’t transparent. Answer: Flip one on, wait a couple minutes, repeat…. Continue Reading »

Where’s that Polar Bear Going?

Folk Piece Question: You’re standing in a room which is centered perfectly on the south pole. You see a polar bear walk by the window. In what cardinal direction is the polar bear? Answer: North. It can be northeast or northwest.   Background information “I don’t even know where I heard this. Probably when I… Continue Reading »