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The Baby that lives in the Operating Room

RA: “Lots of hospitals have ghost stories about the people who have passed away in the operating rooms. When I worked at Ben Taub hospital in Houston, there were so many because it was such a big trauma hospital. I can’t remember them now, partially because there were so many, but there were lots of… Continue Reading »

Find a Penny, Pick It Up and All Day You’ll Have Good Luck

Main Content: M: Me I: Informant I: It’s like Find a penny pick it up and all day you’ll have good luck. Is that like folklore? M: Yup that’s good! I: I did that constantly. M: Now was that something that you learned from other kids or did that come from um your family? I:… Continue Reading »

American Wedding Pranks

I: Informant, M: Me I: A common tradition amongst most groomsmen, is to goof on the groomsmen [correction: meant groom]. To do some kind of practical joke. It’s usually done  the night before, sometimes its during the reception, sometimes its done right before they get married. Like when I married [name blanked for privacy] M: yeah… Continue Reading »