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The Owl: A Native American Bad Omen

Context: My grandmother M is Native American and would often tell me stories about her life on a reservation in Arizona. I asked her about any stories that she carried with her as a child or even in adulthood that relate to her cultural background. She shared this story with me about her experience with… Continue Reading »

A Haunted Park called Giggle Hill

Interviewer: What is being performed?   Informant: Haunted park called Giggle Hill by Rayna Koishikawa   Interviewer: What is the background information about the performance? Why do you know or like this piece? Where or who did you learn it from?   Informant: Giggle Hill is a park in Maui. The legend says you are… Continue Reading »

Owls and Luck in Palestinian Culture

Transcribed Text: “According to my mom, who’s Palestinian, the owl is bad luck in Arab culture. Like she doesn’t like images of owls, but I don’t think she actively, like avoids them.” The informant is currently a student at the University of Southern California. She says that she first heard this folk belief from her… Continue Reading »

German: Owls, Change and Good Luck

Trasncribed Text: “There are some superstitions in German. Like when you hear, in German or..for German people. That when you hear an owl hoot, if you jingle the change in your pocket, you’ll have good luck for the year with your crops.” The informant is a student at the University of Southern California. She says… Continue Reading »