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You don’t have friends; you have associates.

Information about the Informant My informant currently lives near USC, near enough that he likes to ride his bicycle around the campus to relax and swim in the John C. Argue Swim Stadium. He grew up in downtown Los Angeles. He spent his childhood and adolescence in the impoverished parts of the city. Even now,… Continue Reading »

USC Haunted House

Information about the Informant My informant is a USC undergraduate student majoring in Theatre. He used to have a major in the cinematic arts, and acted in a few student films produced by his fellow students. Transcript “So I was filming a student film here on campus a couple years ago. Uh, it was a–I… Continue Reading »

Math Classroom Ghost

Information about the Informant My informant is an English teacher at a high school in Southern California, and has been teaching for over twenty-five years. She has been featured as an Influential Teacher of the Month within the last five years, and has received great reviews and praise from her former students as a teacher… Continue Reading »

Crow’s Mouth

Information about the Informant My informant is a freelance editor and translator living in Taiwan. She was born in Taiwan and has lived there essentially her whole life, except for a few years in America. I asked her specifically about this proverb that I’d heard my grandma tell me when I was young as I’d… Continue Reading »

Ghost leaving hairbrush on the dresser

Information about the Informant My informant is the father of a high school girl who was visiting USC campus for a college tour. Transcript “And then her mother passed away just a few years ago. Um, and she was close to her mom. And her mom, you know, died suddenly. They didn’t expect her to… Continue Reading »