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12 Grapes for the New Year

Main Text: DC: “On New Years at 12:00 am you are supposed to consecutively eat one grape each second for a total of 12 grapes in 12 seconds for good luck in the new year.” Context:  Although I collected this from a Mexican woman who is my boyfriend’s sister-in-law, I also witnessed and performed this… Continue Reading »


Collector: Oh! Do the story about why that guy got mad at you, or got mad at someone… Informant: So, I don’t know if you’ve heard this story Maddie, um when I was in Spain, uh, so the word, like the colloquial term for blowjob is a person’s name in every city in Spain, and… Continue Reading »

Los Cabezudos y Gigantes

“All the people in my village in Avila meet at the ‘Plaza de Ayuntamiento’ (City Hall). After we set off fireworks and when they finish the ‘Cabezudos’ start running and chasing after the people with branches and they hit the people. These ‘Cabezudos’ are first and then in the back are the ‘Gigantes’ (Giants) with… Continue Reading »