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“Toi Toi Toi” – Folk Speech for Performing Artists

Context: Informant AT was a current undergraduate student at The University of Southern California pursuing their BFA in Dance at the time of this collection. AT has been training in multiple dance genres since they were young. Dancing has allowed AT to travel around the world where they have had the opportunity to perform for… Continue Reading »

Pre-Choir Performance Ritual

Main Piece: Interviewer: You’re in choir, right? Informant: Uh huh. Interviewer: Is there any kind of rituals you guys do. Like anything before you guys start? Informant: Well, one of our teachers, right before we are about to go into a concert, she’ll have us sit in a room and turn off the lights. Then… Continue Reading »

Preparing for Performances

Main Piece: Informant: We played with xylophone for a couple of years before percussion. And once we were able to be in percussion, you got to use it a lot more. So it’s basically for the kids that wanted to have more time playing on it and making music with it and going more into… Continue Reading »

“Green Room”- Pre-Performance Ballet Ritual

Informant (“A”) is a 19 year old, female from Rancho Santa Fe, California, and attends The University of Southern California. She is a Human Biology major. She is of European descent and her family includes her mother, father, and older brother who attends college in Texas. Informant has studied ballet for 17 years, including work… Continue Reading »