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La Bête: A French Monster Legend

Context: CW, with a mug of hot tea sits, on my couch after an afternoon of doing homework and recounts stories from their childhood. CW is a USC Game Design Student who loves the macabre, and the morbid. ——————————————————————————————————————— CW: So I know one French story… that I don’t remember what town specifically CW: But… Continue Reading »

More in the Cellar in the Teacup

Informant: In the country, when we were just joking around, usually offering food, with guests—people we liked—we’d tell them, “Take a lot of them; take two!” And sometimes we’d add, “There’s plenty more down in the cellar in the teacup.” The informant (my grandmother) was born in Missouri and has lived in Berkeley, CA for… Continue Reading »