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Eidee – Persian New Year

Description of Informant PK (79) is a small, frail woman with dyed blonde hair and piercing eyes. PK was born and raised in Abadan, Iran in an “Oil Company Family.” OCFs were families whose primary income came from the large British oil company in Iran. They were well compensated and taken care of, living in… Continue Reading »

Witching Rods Gold Ritual

Here is a transcription of my (CB) interview with my informant (HH). CB: “Okay so what did your mom teach you?” HH: “My grandma. It was….divining rods or witching rods? I can’t remember exactly. But they were two sticks tied together, and you’d bow ‘em and there was a certain way you’d hold them in… Continue Reading »

I am no gold coin to be liked by all – Mexican proverb

Main Piece: “No soy monedita de oro para caerle bien a todos.” Transliteration: No am small coin of gold to fall good to all Translation: I am no gold coin to be liked by all Background: Informant Nationality: Mexican Location: Guadalajara, Mexico Language: Spanish Context and Analysis: My informant is a 49-year-old male. He claims… Continue Reading »

Gold Is A Girl’s Best Friend

“On my mom’s side of the family, because my mom’s side of the family is really rich, um, in India, like, her father’s, like, an advisor to someone super important, and he’s a professor at this like super prestigious university. And they have, like, slaves, and it’s just weird to think of my mom’s family… Continue Reading »

Searching for the pot of potatoes at the end of the rainbow

The informant and I were talking about superstition, tradition, and Irish heritage, so he told me the following anecdote. “In the Irish superstition, if you see a rainbow and you follow it, you’ll find a pot of gold. I remember as a kid, literally going and walking after a rainbow trying to find it. But… Continue Reading »