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Smashing Plates

Context: My informant – identified as N.D. – and I were on a FaceTime call. She is of Greek and Peruvian decent, and goes to school in Manhattan, New York. While catching up, I decided to ask her whether she maintains her cultural traditions while at school.   Background: While discussing her sister’s upcoming wedding,… Continue Reading »

The Chuppah

Context: My informant is a 37 year-old Jewish woman who recently moved to Los Angeles from Toronto. She was preparing for her upcoming wedding when she began to discuss what Jewish traditions she planned on incorporating in her ceremony. In the piece, she is identified as J.T. and I am identified as D.S.   Background:… Continue Reading »

Indian Wedding Custom: Stealing Shoes

Text: BH: “So one of the wedding rituals that all, or like most, of the Indian weddings have, is the joota churai [shoe stealing] of the groom, so basically the [to-be] sister-in-law that uh, whenever, so Indian wedding require you to remove your shoes whenever you enter into that pandar [ceremonial area] where the groom… Continue Reading »

Predicting Children- A Korean wedding ritual

Main Text: Collector: ” You mentioned the clothing of the bride and groom that is traditional to Korean Weddings, but are there any acts that the bride and groom perform at most weddings that you have been to?” HK: “I do remember one actually. So after the wedding ceremony, the bride has a white cloth… Continue Reading »

Mazel Tov! You’re Married!

Piece: Interviewer: “Did you incorporate any like folk traditions into your wedding?” B.F.: “Yeah. We did the traditional breaking of the glass.” Interviewer: “Can you expand, please?” B.F.: “So, um, at the end of the ceremony the groom stomps on a glass and everyone shouts ‘Mazel Tov’ (which means congratulations in Hebrew). My parents did… Continue Reading »