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David Crockett

5) David Crockett David Crockett was a texas hero. He was supposedly a famous bear hunter, but he was best known for his ability to hunt raccoons/coons–he could just walk into the forest and hunt one down right away. He famously wore one of their pelts on his head at all time, and was almost… Continue Reading »

Chest High Waders

The informant is a second year student at the University of Southern California, studying History. He is from Chicago, IL, and he lived abroad in Rome when he was younger. At USC, he is involved with student affairs and television production. This piece describes one of his father’s, who was raised in Texas, “Southernisms”: folk… Continue Reading »

“Clean your plate” and Central Texas Supper

“The other thing I remember is my grandmother on my dad’s side, when we would go eat dinner with them, well first of all it was called ‘supper.’ ‘Dinner’ is lunch and ‘supper’ is supper and there would always be at least three meat dishes on the table. So you’d always have, like, venison, there… Continue Reading »