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Per Spelmann

Background: My informant for this piece is an American of Scandinavian descent. He lived in Norway for a time during high school and learned the language while he was there. He also still keeps in contact with his host family from his time living there, and his son recently spent a year abroad there as… Continue Reading »

3 6 9 the goose drank wine

BACKGROUND: My informant, AC, was born in the US and attended boarding school in NH. AC was very active in theater and this rhyme was something that the drama department would chant before a few other students brought to their attention that it was less light-hearted than it seemed. CONTEXT: This piece is from a… Continue Reading »

Sto Lat

Main Text:  Sto Lat  Background on Informant:  My informant is from the United States of America, however identifies with her Polish heritage. While she has embraced her culture in several ways, one of her favorites is the traditional Polish song “Sto Lat”.  Context:  She explains:  “Growing up my mother always wanted me to embrace my… Continue Reading »

The British War Song: Pack Up Your Troubles

Song Piece: Pack up your troubles in your old kit bagAnd smile, smile, smileAs long as you have Lucifer to light your bagSmile boys that’s the styleWhat’s the use in worryingIt never was worth while, So!Pack up your troubles in your old kit bagAnd smile, smile, smile Background: My informant learned this song from her… Continue Reading »