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Halley’s Comet Superstition

Background: My informant is fond of this superstition because of his love of astronomy. It was passed to him by a friend, who received it from his mother. They lived in Denver, Colorado, at the time. Context: This superstition originated and probably only existed during the passage of Halley’s comet in 1910. The mother of… Continue Reading »

Main Piece: Red underwear

Background: The informant always wears red underwear when she knows she is entering a situation where danger could occur. She believes that the color red has protective powers and is ultra superstitious about wearing it, especially when flying. She is a very spiritual woman, but also particular about what type of folk beliefs she acquires…. Continue Reading »

Safety Pin Protection for Pregnant Woman During an Eclipse.

Background: Below is an account from my informant on an old hispanic belief/ myth on pregnancy. My informant is a Senior Citizen who was originally born in Mexico and immigrated to the United States as a young adult. Spanish is her first language, but she ultimately uses a combination of both Spanish and English to… Continue Reading »

Using a Safety Pin to protect unborn babies during a lunar eclipse

Main Piece Informant: When I was pregnant my mom- you know the news tells you when there is gonna be an eclipse– well she saw that and she told me that I needed to place a safety pin near my stomach inside of my shirt, near my stomach.   Interviewer: What was this for exactly?  Informant:… Continue Reading »

Aloe Vera Plants to Ward Off Evil

AB: Aloe Vera plants in the front of your house to protect you from evil. I didn’t know that was why we had Aloe plants in the front of our house. I have never heard of that before.  Context AB is a 20 year old biology student at UCSB from southern California that is half… Continue Reading »