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“Your mother-in-law loves you” – Arabic Saying

Context: He “heard it from almost everyone [he] knew when [he] was a kid” in Jordan. You would say this “to someone who is lucky enough to show up just in time to share the food of the people he’s visiting.” Text: Original Script: حماتك بتحبّك Transliteration: Hamatak but-hibbak Translation: Your mother-in-law loves you Thoughts:… Continue Reading »

“Wipe it on my beard” – Arabic Saying

Context: He heard it a few times when he was a teenager in Jordan. According to him, someone trying to “break up the fight or reconcile the parties” would use this saying to calm the people down. Text: Original Script: امسحها بلحيتي Transliteration: Imsa-ha bi lihiti Translation: Wipe it on my beard Thoughts: This saying… Continue Reading »

“Is there a worm in your butt?” – Arabic Saying

Context: She heard it a lot in her childhood from her aunts when she was in Jordan. If someone is restless, and can’t sit still, they would ask that person, “Fi doodeh bi teezak?” Text: Original Script: في دودة بطيزك؟ Transliteration: Fi doodeh b-teezak? Literal Translation: Is there worm in your butt? Smooth Translation: Is… Continue Reading »

“Whoever eats alone chokes” – Arabic Proverb

Context: She learned this from her brothers in Jordan when they were young. They were trying to convince her to share her treats (she was the youngest and was spoiled), so they would tell her this proverb, hoping that she would give them some out of fear of choking. Text: Original Script: اللي بياكل لحاله… Continue Reading »

“The key to the stomach is a bite” – Arabic Proverb

Context: She learned it from her grandma when she was a kid in Jordan. When her grandma offered her food, and she said that she has no appetite, her grandma would say “Muftah el button lo’meh” as a way to get her to eat a bite to increase her appetite. Text: Original Script: مفتاح البطن… Continue Reading »