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Curses and Ghosts

CONTEXT/BACKGROUND:The interlocutor (JG) has moved into different houses and buildings with their family, taking note of strange occurrences happening in each location. Documented below are some of their experiences with the paranormal. DESCRIPTION: (told over the phone)(JG): “The houses and apartments that I’ve like, lived in have been very active with ghosts. If you can’t… Continue Reading »

Ghost Story: Cursed Tomb

Main Piece:  “If there’s a woman and she’s pregnant with a kid, if she dies and gets buried, there’s a possibility that the kid is still alive. The tomb will be cursed and the kid will still live and grow and live in the tomb. And the village where the tomb is won’t receive any… Continue Reading »

The Ghost on the Phone

Main Performance: The M family lives in Lemont, Illinois. An old industrial town south of Chicago, Lemont is proud – almost deliberate – about their town’s culture and influence in Chicago. The town is fundamental to Chicago, one of the world’s largest economic metropolises. Lemont is the convergence of several key waterways – including the… Continue Reading »

Burning Down the House

Main Performance: There’s a theater in Downtown Chicago called the James M. Nederlander Theater, back then known as the Iroquois Theater, which apparently burnt down once in 1903 with around 2000 people inside where at least 600 patrons ended up dead. The panic caused mass hysteria, the crowds of people tried to force doors that… Continue Reading »