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Background: The informant loves games of all sorts: board games, drinking games, card games. He thinks they are a great way to be social, be involved and do something active with friends, so people aren’t passively on their phones. KD: Battleshots is a large scale drinking version of the classic game Battleship. When we played… Continue Reading »

Mao (card game)

Background: The informant first learned this game at a boy scout camp and has continued to play with his friends and introduce other people to the game. He likes it because you get to mess with people if you know how to play it, having insider knowledge. KD: Mao is a card game that the… Continue Reading »

Murder: The Game

Main Piece: How do you play Murder? “High school kids all over play murder, I think. It’s the one where you wink to kill people. We did this on speech and debate trips. There would be 30 of us stuck in a hotel room, and we would have a deck of cards and whoever got… Continue Reading »