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The House Ghost in Singapore

Background/Context:The interlocutor, EF, is a close friend of the interviewer (INT). EF’s parents were staying in Singapore. They were sharing a house with another person during their time there. Description (as told over email):(EF): “okay story time: this takes place in singapore. my parents were washing dishes at around 2pm and they share a house… Continue Reading »

Mooncake Lady: Chang’e

CONTEXT: The interlocutor (ZG) is a high school friend of the interviewer. She and her twin sister grew up in a Chinese-American household in Los Angeles. DESCRIPTION: (told over call)(ZG): “I don’t know if this is what you want but there’s this mooncake woman story my mom used to tell me and my sister of… Continue Reading »


Context:The interlocutor (JP) is the mother of the interviewer (INT). She and her family grew up in Bacolod, Philippines, and lived there up until she moved in her 20s. Since then, she’s lived in Los Angeles. Description: (told in person)(JP): “Apparently ginger was a thing to ward off the spirits, especially for babies. So my… Continue Reading »

The Baba Yaga

CONTEXT/BACKGROUND:The interlocutor (MT) is a friend of the interviewer’s (INT). She took a class on Russian literature at her university and learned about the Baba Yaga through her professor’s telling of the legend as well as through conducting her own research. DESCRIPTION: (told over text)(MT): “So the Baba Yaga is kinda a mixed figure in… Continue Reading »

Anansi and the Sky God

CONTEXT/BACKGROUND: The interlocutor (RS) is an African-American woman whose parents told her this story as a child. DESCRIPTION: (told through video call) (RS): “I know that there is an African folktale about this spider called Anansi basically to teach children not to make bad decisions. Does that work?” (INT): “Yeah, that’s good.” (RS): “‘Kay, good…. Continue Reading »