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Taste the Soup

BACKGROUND: GH is the interviewer’s father. GH: “ “Guy goes into a restaurant, orders soup. Soup’s delivered. After awhile, he signals the waiter. The waiter says “sir, is there a problem with the soup?”The man says, “taste the soup.”“Is it too hot?”“Taste the soup.”“is it too cold?”“tASTE the soup.”“Is it too spicy?”“Taste the soup.”“Is it… Continue Reading »

Joke: Saving it for Later

Main Piece:  Informant: “My grandpa, he had this big bushy moustache and so he would always get food stuck in it. And people would like point it out, like if my mom was like ‘Hey, you have something in your moustache’ he’d be like ‘Hm. Saving it for later.’” Background: My informant acknowledged that he… Continue Reading »

Chinese Food & Jewish Christmas + a Joke

Main Piece: How would you describe this tradition? “For American Jewry, frequently if they don’t have friends or family to spend Christmas with, they needed somewhere to go on Christmas when everything was closed, and one thing that seemed to be open was Chinese food restaurants, which were not closed on Christmas. And there’s a… Continue Reading »