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Text/Interview: TM: “Every summer, people from New York and Western New Jersey flood to the Jersey Shore. They invade the beaches, cause traffic, and are generally rude. We call them Bennys.” PAR: “What does Benny mean?” TM: “Benny an acronym. It stands for Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark and New York.” Context: TM lives in New Jersey… Continue Reading »

Cooper and Whipporwill Valley Roads

Text/Interview: TM: “There are these two haunted roads in Middletown, NJ. They are Cooper Road and Whipporwill Valley Road and the two are right next to each other.” PAR: “What makes these roads haunted?” TM: “Where do I begin? So basically, on Cooper Road, there’s this tiny stone bridge. The story is that once a… Continue Reading »

The Jersey Devil

Background:  My informant, NK, is 19 years old and of South Korean descent from both her mother and father’s sides of the family. Her grandparents live close to her, so she spends a lot of time with them. She is very passionate about cooking. Even though she is majoring in biochemical engineering at UC Berkeley,… Continue Reading »


Context: The informant (T) is a 56 yr. old woman originally from Philadelphia, PA. She owns a shore house in South Jersey where she and her extended family spend the summer. She explains to me the term Shoobie and the negative connotation it holds among the inhabitants of Philadelphia and South Jersey. The conversation took… Continue Reading »