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“I stopped sleeping on your lap”… “You saved me from your farts.” – Arabic Saying and Comeback

Context: She learned it from her grandma in Jordan, when she was around 7 or 8. The first time she heard it was when her grandma asked her if she wanted to sleep over, to which she said that she had to go home. Her grandma then said “Rayahtni min fsak” (“You saved me from… Continue Reading »

Teasing hand gesture – Arabic Children’s Folk Gesture

Context: She learned the hand motion in Egypt when she was around 5. You would do this gesture to another person when you want to tease them. Originally, when saying it, you would say “To’ ou moot” (“Explode and die”). Gesture: For the sake of my informant’s anonymity, I performed the gesture in the video…. Continue Reading »

Taste the Soup

BACKGROUND: GH is the interviewer’s father. GH: “ “Guy goes into a restaurant, orders soup. Soup’s delivered. After awhile, he signals the waiter. The waiter says “sir, is there a problem with the soup?”The man says, “taste the soup.”“Is it too hot?”“Taste the soup.”“is it too cold?”“tASTE the soup.”“Is it too spicy?”“Taste the soup.”“Is it… Continue Reading »