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You shouldn’t walk across a grave

Background: The informant was a boy scout and eventually became an Eagle scout. He remembers a game he used to play with his fellow scouts that involved a superstition about graves and respect for the dead. TR: The superstition that you shouldn’t walk across a grave. It is bad luck to walk across a grave…. Continue Reading »

The Ormondale Pony

Background: The informant likes this piece because it reminded her of the kinds of stories she’d used to hear in elementary school. Belief in the pony was shared by her classmates although it didn’t affect them in their daily lives, often forgetting about it. SD: So this is the story about a horse, Ormondale, who… Continue Reading »

Down by the banks

The informant explained that this is a hand game or clapping game she used to play at summer camp in between activities with the other girls who were in her cabin. Her estimate for when people play it is ages 6-12. You learn it by playing and other children explain it to you. She also… Continue Reading »

Secrets of the Lanyard

Main Piece: Informant: I know how to start a lanyard– I was the girl everyone went to. Collector (Me): Could you explain how to start a lanyard? Informant: Okay. So it’s so simple you just get the two pieces of string and you lay them in like, a cross, like, so like the middles intersect,… Continue Reading »

Sana Sana Colita de Rana

Main Piece:  “Sana sana colita de rana Si no sana hoy Sana mañana” Transliteration: “Heal, heal, tiny frog tail If it doesn’t heal today It will heal tomorrow” Translation: “Heal, heal, tiny frog tail If it doesn’t heal today It will heal tomorrow” Background:  My informant is one of my friends who lives in Miami,… Continue Reading »