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Superstition -punching bread before it bakes

Context: My informant (M) told me growing up she had to punch the bread her mother made or else it wouldn’t be good bread, or they would have bad luck-she wasn’t sure which, maybe both. Now, as an adult, she never makes bread alone because she needs someone to punch it before it bakes.  Main… Continue Reading »

Get on the plane with your right foot: travel superstition

Context: AW sits with her daughter preparing for the second night of her Passover Seder, the room is bustling with activity as people get food prepared for AW’s many relatives. AW’s Daughter chimes in every so often to ask questions —————————————————————————————————————– Performance: M: You have a very particular travel superstition is that true? AW: Yes,… Continue Reading »

Driving on Eggshells

Context: Following a conversation I was having with my father about warding off the evil eye, I asked him about another ritual we often performed – specifically, whenever one of our family members got a new car.    Background: Persian culture often uses different foods, herbs, or spices as symbols. The egg often represents fertility,… Continue Reading »