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“Boys will be boys.”

My informant learned this saying from an old television show that he used to watch.  This saying has become part of his daily speech.  Almost every conversation he has includes his saying “boys will be boys” to the point that the person he is talking to is extremely puzzled.  He says it in situations in… Continue Reading »

“Don’t use your cell phone at the gas station because you can cause an electrical spark and everything will blow up!”

Since the boom of cell phones, my informant’s dad has been telling her to take precaution and not to use her cell phone when filling up at the gas station.  As a very informed physicist, Dr. Loo is always up to date with new information that he reads in the paper and on the Internet. … Continue Reading »

“A person needs a face; a tree needs bark.” (人 要 脸 树 要 皮)

 人  要  脸,树 要 皮
  rén    yào    lǐan,       shù   yào    pí
 person needs face,       tree needs bark A person needs a face; a tree needs bark. My informant immigrated to the United States about 30 years ago.  Before he moved to the US, he was well educated in Taiwan.  While in college in Taiwan, he… Continue Reading »