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Instances in a Haunted House

Background  The interviewer and informant, EM, met in college. EM’s mother’s best friend is sure she lives in a haunted house.  Context EM tells the interviewer about two ghostly experiences that the lady has told her. Both instances happened in the supposedly haunted house.    Transcript  “Basically, she has had so many instances of a ghost… Continue Reading »

Haunted House on Clinton Street in Brooklyn

Piece: Informant: “See that house right there?” Collector: “Yeah.” Informant: “Some guy killed his wife there and now it’s haunted. There have been like six people who have lived there since and they all sold the house within like three months of living there.”  Collector: “Do you know for sure that the guy killed his… Continue Reading »

The Haunted Epperson House in UMKC

Main piece: “So this house used to be owned by a rich family that, I think, made their money in organs like the instrument and it was the Epperson family. They had a bit of tragic life, there’s a million tales of their trials and tribulations and I honestly don’t remember all of them but… Continue Reading »

The Haunted House in Calabasas

Main Piece:  The following is transcribed from a conversation between the informant and the interviewer. Interviewer: Tell me about the haunted house that’s in your neighborhood. Informant: well, it’s actually not in my neighborhood but just a couple streets down. I’ve only been a couple times because you have to take a pretty long uphill… Continue Reading »