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守株待兔 – Guarding the tree to wait for a rabbit

“In Chinese, we have 成语, “cheng yu,” which are four word idioms that can refer to stories or just general lessons, or any bit of common wisdom” Original script: 守株待兔 Phonetic (Roman) script: Shǒuzhūdàitù Transliteration: guard tree wait rabbit Full translation:  The following is from a conversation with the informant, talking about the story behind… Continue Reading »

Naming your children with things like water for good personalities

HK: Chinese people are really superstitious about how you name your child––so all the Chinese children have like, names that are made up of Chinese characters, right? And within those characters, there are characters that mean certain things. MW: What’s your name? HK: Well, let’s just say that basically my name has a lot of… Continue Reading »