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Per Spelmann

Background: My informant for this piece is an American of Scandinavian descent. He lived in Norway for a time during high school and learned the language while he was there. He also still keeps in contact with his host family from his time living there, and his son recently spent a year abroad there as… Continue Reading »

Serrano and Cahuilla Dragonfly Song

Main Piece: I: It’s called the Dragonfly Song, it’s like a lullaby kind of song– so you sing it, and like if your heart is good, and it’s like– you don’t have anger or resentment or like bad feelings, or revenge, or any of those things– but like basically if you have good intentions like… Continue Reading »

Mexican lullaby

Main piece:  “Sana, sana, colita de rana, si no sana hoy, sanara manana”  Transliteration:  Heal, heal, tail of frog, yes no heal today, healthy tomorrow Full translation:  Heal, heal, tail of frog, if today it doesn’t heal, it will tomorrow Background: The one who provided this lullaby was my sister a while back when hurting… Continue Reading »