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A Variation of the “Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?” Joke

Main Text: Collector: “Are there any jokes or riddles that you think are funny that you like to tell at school” SM: “OO YEAH, I have one! And I think it is realllyyy funny!” Collector: “Okay, what is it?” SM: ” Why did the chicken cross the road?” Collector: “Hmm, I’m not really sure. Why?”… Continue Reading »

The Legend of El Dorado

Main Text: AC: “I don’t necessarily no why they call it the Legend of  ‘El’ Dorado because it’t not a person, it’s not a thing, it’s a ritual. What this ritual is the ritual in which a person of a tribe of the Muisca civilization in present day Columbia the leader is chosen. So the… Continue Reading »

Seaweed Soup on Birthdays -A Korean Tradition

Main Text: HK: “On somebody’s birthday it is tradition to have seaweed soup” Collector: “Can it be any kind of seaweed soup?” HK: “I don’t think it really matters, but there are a lot of traditional recipes for seaweed soup out there” Context:  HK moved to the Unites States from South Korea when she was… Continue Reading »