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Haunted Apartment in Worchester, Massachusetts

Background: My informant is my aunt, a woman in her late 50s who lives in Henderson, Nevada (L). L is Buddhist and of Chinese and Burmese descent. Context: This conversation took place one night over Zoom. L’s experience took place in 2003, her second year in pharmacy school, in the apartment that she rented with… Continue Reading »

Fort Ord Suicide Ghost Story

Main Piece: Here is a transcription of my (CB) interview with my informant (HH). CB: “Can you tell me about Fort Ord?” HH: “Okay so i heard this story about the old Fort Ord barracks and how they got abandoned because there was this soldier who… um… was apparently was like ignored and really unhappy… Continue Reading »

Guang Hua has 30 floors; a jump solves a thousand troubles.

Context The informant is a freshman at Fudan University. We were talking about our lives as college students when she brought up this item. Piece 光华三十楼,一跃解千愁 Roman form: Guang Hua san shi lou, yi yue jie qian chou. Transliteration: Guang Hua thirty floors, a jump solves a thousand troubles. Full translation: All trouble will be… Continue Reading »