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Secrets of the Lanyard

Main Piece: Informant: I know how to start a lanyard– I was the girl everyone went to. Collector (Me): Could you explain how to start a lanyard? Informant: Okay. So it’s so simple you just get the two pieces of string and you lay them in like, a cross, like, so like the middles intersect,… Continue Reading »

Secret Summer Camp Chant

Background: The informant’s mother used to say this phrase as a playful thing to her children. While my informant generally liked this chant for its nostalgiac purposes, her mother used it in a variety of ways at her childhood summer camp. Though I lacked the mind to gather where her mother was from, my informant… Continue Reading »

There Was a Little Girl

Background: My informant in this case is my grandmother, who learned this rhyme from her mother and believes it was learned from her mother before. From what I know, that side of my family hails from Ireland which is likely where the rhyme originated. Context: This piece was usually used as a nursery rhyme and… Continue Reading »