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“Morning Accordion Song” – Russian folk song

Morning Accordion Song (The attachment contains the song in Russian, a general translation, an explanation of the accompanying motions, and some additional commentary.) Transcript of audio file (condensed and edited): Informant: This one is…my mom always woke me up with it. [the song] She touches both my cheeks and says, “Wall. Wall.” Then she touches… Continue Reading »

“Little Piggy” – Russian Folk Song

Little Piggy Transcript to Audio file (condensed and edited): Informant: Okay, this one…in my broken Russian, she [my mom] wakes me up, takes my hand in her hand and with her finger circles my palm and sings [song], and then she’s taking my fingers…one by one [chant], and then when she gets to my thumb… Continue Reading »

The “Hair and Chair Company”

A Los Angeles based theatre company, A Noise Within, back in the ’90s (and perhaps even today) referred to themselves as a “hair and chair company.” The company was constantly in repertory, so they didn’t expend a lot of effort in the production value. Often they put up plays with nothing more than nondescript furniture… Continue Reading »