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You Can’t Put 6-Pounds in a 5-Pound Bag

Item (direct transcription): You can’t put 6-pounds in a 5-pound bag. Background Information: The informant learned the proverb from her architecture mentor whom she worked for during her education. He would tell the proverb to his clients when they were requesting the impossible of him. In the context of architecture, the proverb means that there… Continue Reading »

Film Company Hazing

SS interned at a production company, and experienced occupational folklore in the form of hazing. When someone at her company messed up as bad as she did, they would be forced to coil cables indefinitely. SS: Once upon a time when I was a wee lassie, young, naive, full of enthusiasm for the art of… Continue Reading »

Feet First from the O.R.

When transporting a patient on a gurney out of an Operating Room, you must have them exit the room feet first. Never head first, because that means they’re dead. Informant’s description of the practice verbatim: “I was called overhead in my surgery center where I work as a Registered Nurse, to please come in and… Continue Reading »