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Why You Can’t Split a Pear

Context: My informant is a 55 year old woman that immigrated from China to America in her early 30s. She is a mother, a registered nurse, and also a teacher in nursing school. This conversation took place in a hotel one evening, and the informant and I were alone. In this account, she explains why… Continue Reading »

The Inedible Pear Riddle

Main Piece: Original: Весит груша, нельзя скушать. – Лампочка. Phonetic: Vesit grusha, nel’zya skushat’. – Lampochka. Translation: A pear is hanging, but you cannot eat it. – Light bulb. Background Information: Why does informant know this piece? This was told to him by his childhood friends Where did they learn this piece? Ukraine What does… Continue Reading »