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Passing Ashes After Cremation

Description: After a family member is cremated, the family would pass the remains across the family chopstick to chopstick. Background: The informant observed this in his family during funerals. Transcript: ML: Another thing I’ve noticed more is that we can’t pass food from chopstick to chopstick. Ao whenever we’re eating, and we share, she puts… Continue Reading »

Menstrual Taboos In Modern-Day India

Informant’s Background: My informant, SV, is a recent graduate with a Master’s from the University of Southern California. He is 25, was born in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, and moved to the United States to attend a graduate program at USC. Post-graduation he remains in Los Angeles hunting for a job. Context: My informant is my… Continue Reading »

Skateboarding Taboo – Mall Grabbing and Pushing Mongo

Background: The informant is a twenty year old photography student in New York City. He learned of the taboo while growing up in both Los Angeles, CA and Burlington, VT. He has skated regularly since he was 12 years old.  Context: The informant was teaching me how to skateboard in his San Diego neighborhood and… Continue Reading »

Don’t buy shoes on Qingming Festival

Main piece: Translated conversation: Me: I want a new pair of board shoes. Father: Sure, we can go shopping after the Qingming festival. Me: You mean after tomorrow? Why not tomorrow? Father: You don’t buy shoes(鞋xie) on Qingming because it brought bad luck (邪xie). Me:It sounds like a terrible joke. Father: I mean it. Background… Continue Reading »